Vision & Mission

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Modern civilization and its consumer-driven lifestyle are taking a heavy toll on this planet. That is why the DFF is championing indigenous peoples and their way of life as the last remnant of a truly sustainable human culture, one defined by a profoundly harmonious relationship with nature. Our vision is to preserve the universal wisdom of indigenous traditions and to make it more understandable and accessible to the outside world. We believe the indigenous example has much to teach the modern world, not least in the different ways of connecting and communicating with one another and the environment other than solely through consumerism and economic growth.

We hope to encourage activities in modern society that enhance peoples' relationship with the land, that promote social cohesion and emphasize the importance of community as inspired by indigenous worlds where sharing is far more respected than possessing. The role of indigenous communities is vital to the preservation of the rainforests and other threatened ecosystems. The Earth is a living organism, in which the health of each single part is vital to the well-being of the whole. By acknowledging the interconnectedness of all things we believe that each and every act of preservation, however small, is an important contribution to the preservation of this planet.


The practical objectives of the DFF are to foster the development of strong, self-determining indigenous communities and encourage the preservation of traditional practices and the protection of their lands. Our approach is in no way paternalistic. First and foremost, we aim to listen to indigenous communities to understand directly from them how best our philanthropic work can be of help.

Mission Objectives


To advocate ‘place-basedʼ education that recognises the role of indigenous language and the oral traditions of passing down knowledge.


To improve healthcare provision, to address food scarcity


To install clean renewable technologies and to build essential infrastructure with the goal of achieving self-sustenance.


To support scientific research


To act as an interface between indigenous communities and corporate interests to promote tolerance and to establish shared goals, to build stability and resilience within the indigenous communities put at risk by outside pressures or threats.


To help foster a deeper understanding of the importance of language, rituals, community, culture, spirituality, identity, interconnectedness, symbolism and connection to Earth.


To promote international dialogue between the indigenous world and modern societies using visual arts, crafts, music, storytelling, dance and the written word.


To identify and support exceptional contemporary artists and writers in indigenous communities to create work that helps keep the unique colours, patterns and voices of their traditions alive. To provide improved access to means of creative expression enabling indigenous people of all ages to be heard beyond their communities.